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Pine Tar Academy Clinics

Pine Tar Academy Clinics are done both on site at our facility or at one of various domes and/or gyms around the west metro.    The difference between our small group programs and clinics is not only the size of the group (small group is typically up to 5 athletes while clinics are 20 or more athletes) but clinics typically run the same time each week for a set number of weeks.

Arm Development Program

  • Total body program designed by health and baseball professionals

  • Designed for ages 14+ (or younger with a Pine Tar Academy coaches approval)

  • LONG toss utilizing Champions Hall Indoor Turf

  • 7-day curriculum detailing in-session, out-session and recovery activities

  • Bi-weekly sessions, 80-minutes each, Jan 2, 2023 - Mar 17, 2023

  • Mondays and Fridays at 4:15 PM

  • LIMIT 20 participants per group!  First Come, First Serve!

  • In-session workouts at a large climate controlled indoor turf facility

  • Focus is on Arm Health, Functional Strength, Long Toss and Throwing Mechanics.

Arm health is a complex topic. 

VELO CAMP addresses key components to a healthy arm: Body strength, monitored use, proper mechanics and recovery.


Program components were developed by leaders in orthopedic medicine, the strength and fitness industry and professional baseball, from the health perspective of a maturing teenage athlete.

VELO CAMP has isolated each body function involved with throwing and replicated those movements into a series of strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises.


Developed and led by nationally certified strength & conditioning specialists, workouts are designed to strengthen functional movement and support increased velocity.

VELO CAMP has carefully designed a Long Toss throwing program to increase velocity and promote arm health using a controlled, purposeful throwing technique.


Developed by professionals with years of experience in pursuit of arm health and sustainable velocity, VELO CAMP uses a specific method of strength through Long Toss.

While each throwing motion is as unique as the person holding the ball, every player shares similar points along the throwing process that define proper mechanics.


Onsite to monitor and promote proper throwing mechanics are experienced coaches who have been trained in VELO CAMP's regimented Long Toss program.


Champions Hall

the right venue for development

Champions Hall will serve as the In-Session training venue for VELO CAMP.  Conveniently located between the Edina and Eden Prairie, just north of highway 494 and west of highway 169 off Valley View Rd.


Athletes will train in a top quality facility

  • High-efficiency LED lighting

  • Climate-controlled fieldhouse

  • 40' ceiling clearance, with no interior columns

  • 160’ by 180’ artificial turf surface



7000 Washington Avenue South

Eden Prairie, MN  55344


VELO CAMP provides each participant a structured In-session arm development curriculum.

  • Arm health and injury prevention

  • Functional strength workout routine

  • Throwing mechanics monitoring

  • Long toss program

  • Arm Health & Recovery Learning Seminar & Shoulder / Elbow Screening (due to COVID, screenings may not be available)

  • Bi-weekly Arm Development and Functional Strength Sessions at Champions Hall, with the first session focused on learning the proper mechanics and movements for all aspects of the program


Enroll now to reserve your spot:  $699

VELO CAMP Program Fees cover everything listed in the "Includes" box.  Participant responsible for items in the "Requirements" box


Items listed below are required and are considered essential for program success. 


Participants may all ready own some or all of these items:

  • J-Band Rotator Cuff Exercise Tubing

  • One (1) 8 pound medicine ball

If you have questions about VELO CAMP, please contact us at

Registration opens on March 7th at 8am.

Registration is through the City of Minnetonka's enrollment program. Search youth camps.

Course Codes

Summer Baseball Camp - 3150202-01




Get better and faster at Pine Tar Academy's Summer Baseball Camp, , which includes hitting, infield, outfield, throwing, pitching and base running. 

Monday - Thursday, June 19-22


Grades 3-6


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