Pine Tar Performance


Program Overview

  • Adding a new approach to PTA's classic Rake Lesson Program using cutting edge technology and tools. Train to hit the ball harder and develop a swing that allows more time to react.

  • Fall/Winter: 12 weekly sessions Nov 13 - Feb 27  ($450)

  • Winter: 8 weekly sessions starting Dec 18 - Feb 27 ($300)

  • Location: Champion's Hall, Eden Prairie

  • Swing motion analytics and metrics using Diamond Kinetics SwingTracker Sensor

  • Weighted bat training using Axe Bat Speed Trainers

  • Video analysis and velocity feedback powered by Pocket Radar Smart Coach

  • Ages 14-18 (younger players may request an evaluation to join - send email to

  • Initial session includes: Video analysis, exit velo and DK SwingTracker assessment

  • Weekly open hitting times available for Rake Tech hitters

  • Flexible scheduling - Monday evening or Saturday morning sessions available

  • Hitters are strongly encouraged to get a 5-month subscription to the SwingTracker Baseball Mobile App ($20) or buy a SwingTracker sensor and 5-month subscription (approx. $85)

  • Led by Kevin Nunn, hitting coach at perennial JUCO powerhouse Century CC, Twins summer camp director, Texas Rangers scout and former Mississippi State hitting consultant.  

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Program Overview

Prepare players to compete at a high level at the catching position for the 2021 season through skill development and repetition. Players will receive elite training and development in the 3 primary components of the catching position: Receiving, Blocking and Throwing. Clinics will also include exercises to improve hip mobility, flexibility and physical capabilities.   


Ages: 9-13 years old   |   Time: 7-8 PM

Ages: 14-18 years old   |   Time: 6-7 PM


Location: Champion's Hall Training Turf

Dates: November 15, 2021 through March 7, 2021 (excluding Nov 29 and Feb 14)

Discount! Book 10 or more sessions and receive a 10% discount!

REFUND POLICY: Sorry, no refunds for missed sessions without 3 days advanced notice. 

Clinic sessions are 30 minutes if 1-2 players and 55 minutes for 3-6 players. 

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Program Overview

A blend of new school tools/tech and old school “hard work”, train to be the best you with Pine Tar’s new Power Pitching Program! The tools and programming offered are intended improve velocity through mechanical efficiency while maintaining and promoting arm health. 


  • Pitch and video analysis using Rapsodo

  • Movement and strength training using the Core Velocity Belt, Drive Line plyo balls, arm bands and more

  • 19 twice weekly sessions from Jan 6 – Mar 10 (Wednesday evening and Sunday morning)

  • Wednesday session: throwing/pitching, sequencing, mechanics and arm action

  • Sunday session: strength, explosive movement and mobility

  • Ages 14-18 (younger players may request an evaluation to join - send email to

  • Initial session and check in session with Rapsodo: spin rate, spin axis, velocity and video analysis

  • Couple with Pine Tar’s Velo Camp for a comprehensive arm care and readiness program

  • Cost: $595 one time fee or $215 in 3 installments

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Williston Fitness Center

  • Residential membership rates for Pine Tar athletes (fall, spring or winter club team players)

  • Williston members ages 15 and up have full access to weight room, cardio equipment, fitness classes, personal training etc.

  • Williston members ages 14 and under have access to fitness classes, etc.

  • Set up small group training - Julie Falline at

  • Get a membership now - Kristin Pimental at

  • Have a player development consultation - Rob Schneider at

Fuse Fitness

  • Mobility, speed and agility, strength and power training to increase bat speed and velocity. 

  • Private and small group semi private options available this winter.

  • Mention PTA and get a 10% discount on all training.

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Nutrition can and should be a part of your baseball training program. What you eat and drink is the fuel for your body. Better fuel can make a difference in how you feel, how hard you can train and how well you play. 


Libby is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). She has over 5 years of experience helping families and individuals build better habits and make better choices. She hopes to help you learn how to fuel your body to play your best.


Contact Libby to schedule a virtual session! 



Initial Session $75 (45-60min) - video (Zoom or Facetime) or phone call

-Learn the basics of sports nutrition, set goals to work towards better eating habits, and receive a personalized game plan including a written menu with 3 breakfast meals, 3 lunch meals, 3 dinner meals, and 5-10 snack options.


Check in Session $35 (15-30min) - video (Zoom or Facetime) or phone call

-Talk about what is going well and what has been challenging. Review previous goals and set new goals. Receive an updated personalized game plan to improve nutrition and support optimal development and performance.

-Must complete the initial session first. 


3-pack: Initial session and 2 check in sessions $125