Our main controllable variable is the opportunity to prepare. The process of preparation is the most valuable benefit offered to players.


Preparation includes: Team practices, skills instruction, throwing program and pre-game routine.

Players will have the opportunity to participate in 2-3 weekly practices in August and 1-2 weekly practices after the school year begins.



Generally 2 hours in length, our practices will follow a detailed baseball curriculum focusing on position development, team defense, pitcher's fielding practice, bull pens, situational hitting, running game, batting practice and simulated games.  Teams will practice with a purpose in preparation for competition. 



Our practices will also include training on the many aspects of becoming a great hitter: mechanics, bunting, situational hitting, pitch recognition and the mental approach to hitting.  While in a team setting, coaches and instructors will work individually with players on minor technique and mechanical improvements.  Pine Tar's hitting program uses training bats, weighted bats and stations so players get the reps they need to see rapid improvement. 


Our primary practice fields are at Blake School in Hopkins and Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Plymouth.  Other practice locations include Hopkins Maetzold Field, Williston Center and Hamel Legion Field.

Team practices should not be confused with Private Lessons which allow an instructor to spend more time on a personal basis.  However, coaches are encouraged to promote proper skills on an individual and team basis.


Building a strong and healthy arm is vital to the development and success of all young players. Pine Tar Academy recognizes this truth and has implemented an innovative program to help players develop/strengthen their arms. All team practices will include these sessions, which are designed to teach, review and reinforce the fundamentals of throwing, introduce a throwing/long toss routine and develop awareness for arm care concepts and exercises.   

Equipment Recommended:  J-Band Exercise Tubing (J-Bands are provided for players to use as well)

Prior to each game, players will participate in a routine designed to prepare for competition and further develop skills.

Preparation Details


Team Practices















Throwing Program






Pre-Game Routine

Practice Schedules

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