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Small Group Training Classes



Pine Tar Academy conducts a variety of training options for players to continue to grow and develop.   Our Camps are all small group semi-private training because we believe kids learn and develop better when working in small groups. 


While in-season game experience is important, it is equally as beneficial to include individual skill development and position specific instruction for all players. By participating in small group skill camps, players will be guided in helping to reach their goals and preparing for next season's tryouts. 


A detailed and comprehensive baseball curriculum is developed prior to all small group sessions, which is executed by Pine Tar Academy's experienced staff of instructors.

All of our programs are limited in group size with MEMBERS having the ability to sign up first.

All small group sessions are split by age.   We have two offerings (ages 9 -13 and 14 plus).

All small group sessions are located at our facility in Brooklyn Park. 

How to get your baseball training started?


Create or sign into your Pine Tar Academy Account below.

When creating an account, use your player's name as the main account name.

Do not set up a parent and child account. 


Purchasing Small Group Sessions: Visit Services under the ONLINE STORE to purchase a drop-in session or 10 pack of sessions.


Scheduling Small Group Sessions: Visit CLASSES and click Sign Up Now.


Drop-in session: $40

10 pack: $350 ($35 per session)

Memberships: Included

*10 packs of small group sessions can be a combination of any of the small group options listed below. 

RAKE TECH (Hitting Program)

Program Overview

  • Rake Tech is our small group hitting program meant to improve and challenge every hitter.   This is an assessment based program meant to improve form, bat and hand speed, barrel in the zone time as well as exit velocity.     

  •  Progress is measured every 2-4 weeks.    Tools used can include:   Driveline Under/Over Axe Training Bats, Diamond Kinetics (age and skill level dependent), Slugger Training Bats, Marv Bands as well as other state of the art technology.   

  • Led by Kevin Nunn, hitting coach at perennial JUCO powerhouse Century CC, Twins summer camp director, Texas Rangers scout and former Mississippi State hitting consultant.  

  • This program is designed with two groups in mind, 13 and under and ages 14+



Program Overview

  • A blend of new school tools/tech and old school “hard work”, train to be the best you with Pine Tar’s new Power Pitching Program! The tools and programming offered are intended improve velocity through mechanical efficiency while maintaining and promoting arm health. 

  • Movement and arm training using the Core Velocity Belt, Drive Line plyo balls, arm bands and more

  • Arm care incorporated and is a big part of our spring and summer program.

  • Program is set up with two groups in mind, ages 14+ and 13 and under.

  • Progress measured and tracked with pocket radar.

  • Couple with Pine Tar’s Velo Camp for a comprehensive arm care and readiness program

power pitching.png

​Program Overview

  • Learn how to improve your play on the diamond with Pine Tar Academy’s new All-Star Fielding and Throwing Program.

  • We’ll hone in on the fundamentals of infield and outfield play while also teaching our athletes advanced fielding and throwing techniques to take your play to the next level!

  • This new program will include daily fielding routines with repetition that will build fundamental skills, an integrated throwing program to improve throwing efficiency, velocity, and arm health, and advanced footwork and throwing drills that will improve your play.

  • All-Star Fielding and Throwing is split into two groups: 13 years old and younger and 14 years old and older.


All Star.png


Program Overview

  • Stronger players will always hit the ball further, throw harder and run faster, there is no denying the role strength and speed plays in helping athletes reach their goals. 

  •  Whether you are trying to get stronger or faster for next season or you are working on your in season arm care, mobility and conditioning, we have a program for you working along side other players with similar goals.   

  • Our program includes an individual player assessment as well as bench mark strength, speed, power and agility testing throughout.   Our coaches have proven success working with middle school, high school, college and Olympic level athletes.    Athletes in our program will also be taught the fundamentals of sports nutrition to get the most out of their program.

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Program Overview

  • Prepare players to compete at a high level at the catching position for the upcoming season through skill development and repetition.

  • Players will receive elite training and development in the 3 primary components of the catching position: Receiving, Blocking and Throwing.

  • Clinics will also include exercises to improve hip mobility, flexibility and physical capabilities.   


back stop sundays.png


Program Overview:

  • Don't have time to come to our hitting (Rake Tech), All Star Fielding & Throwing and Power Pitching programs during the week?  Or want to work on all of it?  ​Get better faster at Pine Tar Academy's Friday Night Fever!

  • This group is open to players from all schools and communities 

  • Younger players will learn the skills needed to be successful in a fun, engaging atmosphere 

  • Class will be led by Pine Tar Academy's experienced coaches and instructors who have over 100 years of collective playing, coaching and teaching experience

  • up to 20 kids can sign up

  • Designed for players ages 13 and under


​Program Overview:

  • Want to come and work on live at bats against fastballs, curveballs and breaking balls?

  • This group is open to players from all schools and communities 

  • Class will be led by Pine Tar Academy's experienced coaches and instructors who have over 100 years of collective playing, coaching and teaching experience

  • up to 15 kids can sign up

  • Designed for players ages 14+

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