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Advanced Training



Pine Tar Academy conducts a variety of camps and clinics for players to continue to grow and develop. 


While in-season game experience is important, it is equally as beneficial to include individual skill development and position specific instruction for all players. By participating in skill camps and clinics, players will be guided in helping to reach their goals and preparing for next season's tryouts. 


A detailed and comprehensive baseball curriculum is developed prior to all camps and clinics, which is executed by Pine Tar Academy's experienced staff of instructors.

All of our programs are limited in group size with MEMBERS having the ability to sign up first.


Semi-Private  - Small Group Training

Program Overview

  • Our Training Camps are for athletes looking for semi private, small group training to improve their hitting, pitching, defense or strength, speed and conditioning.

  • We use state of the art technology and video analysis to provide players with feedback as well as a way to measure progress.

  • Training Camps are split for players ages 14+ and players ages 13 and under

  • ALL Training Camp and our Strength, Speed and Conditioning Programs are included for MEMBERS

Session Drop in

10 Pack



$37.50 per session ($375)



  • Pine Tar Academy Memberships are for players and families looking to play at the next level, whether that be travel baseball, high school baseball or beyond.

  • PTA Memberships are a cost-effective way to participate in all of our Training Camps all season and to be able to easily choose the training program that best suits you whether it be pitching, hitting, defense or strength, speed and conditioning or a mix of all of our programs.

  • Memberships right now are limited to 60 players at this time.    This will be first come, first serve with players added to a waitlist once those spots are gone.


  • Clinics are our large group training program and are designed as either pitching, hitting, defense or speed training or a mix of all 4.

  • We typically offer these in the winter and summer or by request from associations

  • Prices vary based on number of participants we expect and by number of sessions

Pine Tar Performance 

  • Technique is very important but at the end of the day the stronger, faster player will always advance further, run faster, throw harder and hit the ball further

  • Our Strength, Speed & Conditioning program is designed to make any athlete faster and stronger with guaranteed, proven results.  

  • This program is included in our MEMBERSHIPS.

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