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For Athletes, Parents, and Coaches

So Connected coaching is about giving athletes tools and strategies to help use their mind to support their body better. It is about helping athletes get to the root cause of their limiting beliefs, old decisions, and negative emotions that are in their way. This way, athletes can be more congruent with their performance. We provide solutions to mental blocks, mental disconnects, and lack mentality. If we are not shifting mentality, we are not giving our athletes the ability to maximize their potential.

Our mental strength coaching offers strategies and tools athletes need to be their best. We teach athletes how to manage their mind in order to connect and remain congruent with their body. As athletes learn, practice, and process these strategies and tools, they will create more success, eliminate old issues, and achieve better results.

Our Approach

“If just telling you to be more confident, not to worry about, or get out of your head actually worked - we would all be perfect.” -Stacey

We always tell our athletes that we are not here to tell you what to do, rather, to give you some strategies and tools to manage your mind and give you the awareness needed to be the best athlete you can be.

For More Information

Facebook Group: Athletes Who Settle for More

So-Connected at Pine Tar Academy

To help players excel on the field, Pine Tar Academy is partnering with So-Connected to offer small group mental strength coaching.  This unique opportunity is for up to 10 players per small group and can be purchased below.   

In order to register for a winter session, create or log onto your PTA account. Click on ENROLLMENTS and scroll down to Virtual Mental Strength Coaching. Choose which session/day you would like. 


Stacey Goodrich

Founder/Mental Strength Coach

Alex Ostendorf

Mental Strength Coach

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