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Program Overview

Stronger players will always hit the ball further, throw harder and run faster, there is no denying the role strength and speed plays in helping athletes reach their goals.   Whether you are trying to get stronger or faster for next season or you are working on your in season arm care, mobility and conditioning, we have a program for you working along side other players with similar goals.   Our program includes an individual player assessment as well as bench mark strength, speed, power and agility testing throughout.   Our coaches have proven success working with middle school, high school, college and Olympic level athletes.    Athletes in our program will also be taught the fundamentals of sports nutrition to get the most out of their program.

Our belief is that just because you take a bunch of swings doesn't make you a better hitter, lifting a bunch of random weights doesn't make you stronger or faster and in fact, if done incorrectly, makes you slower and more prone to injury.   That's why STRENGTH, SPEED & CONDITIONING Program at Pine Tar Academy is open to players who either do one on one Private Training and have a program or as part of our Small Group Training Camp (with multiple group times throughout the week).



10% discount for purchasing 6 sessions at a time

1 Player




1 Player




Players must be working with a trainer at least 1x per month to have gym access and must have their program with them

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Summer 2021

4 PTA Players gained an average of 10.75 pounds of lean muscle in 12 weeks.   Average Velo went up 4.5 mph in the same span!

Lean Muscle = Power


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$30 per ($300)