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Pine Tar Club Baseball Programs

Pine Tar Academy operates club baseball teams during the fall and winter seasons for ages 10 through 18.

Our Club Teams aims to develop baseball players in a process-oriented, competitive team environment. Young men who find success with Pine Tar Academy share these core traits: respect, character, dedication, self-awareness, teamwork, positive energy, and hard work.


Our promise to every club player and family is no more than a 20% difference in playing time or at-bats for all players.   Our mission is player development first, and this can't happen if players don't get a chance to play

We offer a comprehensive program of off-season development options that allow for players to shut down from throwing for 10-12 weeks between the end of the fall season and the start of preparations for the spring and summer seasons.  From Small Group Training to clinics to private training options, Pine Tar Academy has you covered!

Check out our Memberships to take advantage of all of our Small Group Training Programs!


Fall Club Team

Pine Tar Academy's fall baseball program offers athletes the opportunity to develop their individual skills in a team environment with experienced coaches.  Our Upperclass and travel teams provide players with a higher level of competitive experience and/or exposure to college recruiters.

Club Team

Take your training to another level! Pine Tar Academy's Spring Club Teams are designed to enhance preseason baseball development through a 2+ month program as players prepare for their community's travel season. Indoor team workouts with knowledgeable coaches culminate in teams migrating south for two-weekend tournaments in Iowa and/or Kansas City.



Pine Tar Academy offers competitive summer teams that include elite training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition plans.  Our goal is to develop all players to be their best. 


If you are interested in summer baseball with Pine Tar Academy, please email us at

Winter Club Team

Put on a sweatshirt, rub your hands together, and think warm thoughts, if needed. Nothing will stop you from getting better.


Pine Tar Academy's Winter Club Team is designed to enhance off-season baseball development through our program as players prepare for high school tryouts.  The purpose of our winter club team is to prepare players to be ready on day 1 of high school tryouts.

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