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Whether you're looking to establish a solid base of fundamentals for younger players, expand skills for travel players, or refine the details of a high school player, Pine Tar Academy's private lessons have just what you need.


Players will work with our experienced instructors who have not only played the game but, more importantly, have proven an ability to teach the fundamentals, mechanics, and nuances of baseball.

Pine Tar Academy uses state-of-the-art technology, such as Blast Hittingr Sensor for hitting and Rapsodo for pitching, along with video analysis to provide players with feedback and measure progress.


private lesson rates

  • 1 Player Half-Hour: $65

  • 1 Player One-Hour: $105

  • 1 Player Rapsodo Pitch Analysis: $125

10% Discount for purchasing a 6-pack of Private Lessons.

About Rapsodo

Rapsodo is important for arsenal development and pitch refinement. We'll use data and video analysis from the technology, including spin axis, spin rate, spin efficiency, horizontal and vertical break, release point, and release angle, to help develop better pitches and arsenals for our pitchers. With the data, we can find out what pitches work well off each other, find adjustments that need to be made to different pitches, and help them develop an overall attack plan to perform better in games.

How to get your baseball training started

  • Create or sign into your Pine Tar Academy Account.

  • When creating an account, use your player's name as the main account name.

  • Do not set up a parent and child account.

Purchasing Private Lessons: Visit Services under the ONLINE STORE to purchase private lesson sessions.

Scheduling Private Lessons: Visit APPOINTMENTS and view our instructors' schedules.

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