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Program Overview

  • A blend of new-school tools and tech and old-school “hard work,” Power Pitching classes are designed to help build velocity while maintaining and promoting arm health.

  • Pitching sessions will operate in phases throughout the off-season. Sessions earlier in the year will focus on mechanical efficiency and building arm health. Power Pitching classes offered later in the off-season will focus on bullpens and throwing off-speed pitches.

  • Our Pitching Director, Clarke Peterson, former Northland College and University of Minnesota Crookston Pitching/Strength Coach, created and runs this program.

  • Two session offerings based on age: 13 and Under and 14+




Program overview

  • Pitching classes are intended for in-season players, with a focal point on three areas: Arm-care, Recovery, and Mobility (A.R.M).

  • Promoting these areas during the season helps players keep their arms in bodies in the best physical shape during a long season.

  • Players learn proper recovery techniques while continuing to develop skills on the mound.

  • Two session offerings based on age: 13 and Under and 14+

Both pitching programs are set up with two groups in mind, ages 14+ and 13 and under.


  • Drop-in Session: $45

  • 10 pack: $375 ($37.50 per session)

  • Memberships: Included

10 packs of small group sessions can combine any of our small group options.

To purchase Small Group Sessions: Visit SERVICES under the ONLINE STORE to purchase a drop-in session or 10-pack of sessions.

For scheduling Small Group Sessions: Visit CLASSES and click Sign Up Now.

How to get your baseball training started

  • Create or sign into your Pine Tar Academy Account.

  • When creating an account, use your player's name as the main account name.

  • Do not set up a parent and child account.

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