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  • Stronger players will always hit the ball further, throw harder, and run faster; there is no denying the role strength and speed play in helping athletes reach their goals.

  • Whether you are trying to get stronger or faster for next season or working on your in-season arm care, mobility, and conditioning, we have a program for you, working alongside other players with similar goals.   

  • Our program includes an individual player assessment and benchmark strength, speed, power, and agility testing throughout. Our coaches have proven success working with middle school, high school, college, and Olympic-level athletes. To get the most out of their program, athletes in our program will also be taught the fundamentals of sports nutrition.

  • We believe that just because you take a bunch of swings doesn't make you a better hitter; lifting a bunch of random weights doesn't make you stronger or faster and, if done incorrectly, makes you slower and more prone to injury. That's why STRENGTH, SPEED & CONDITIONING Program at Pine Tar Academy is open to players who either do one-on-one Private Training and have a program or as part of our Small Group Training Camp (with multiple group times throughout the week).

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  • Drop-in Session: $45

  • 10 pack: $375 ($37.50 per session)

  • Memberships: Included

10 packs of small group sessions can combine any of our small group options.

To purchase Small Group Sessions: Visit SERVICES under the ONLINE STORE to purchase a drop-in session or 10-pack of sessions.

For scheduling Small Group Sessions: Visit CLASSES and click Sign Up Now.

How to get your baseball training started

  • Create or sign into your Pine Tar Academy Account.

  • When creating an account, use your player's name as the main account name.

  • Do not set up a parent and child account.

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